SISM Freestyle Competition Rules

SISM Freestyle Competition Rules

1. Each participant makes a 1 minute performance.

To determine the starting order of the freestylers for this round there is a general seeding of players determined by the judges.

Athletes perform in order of last to first in accordance with seeding.

2. Top 8 go directly to top 16.

3. Remaining 32 will make a second 1 minute performance.

4. Top 16 will be chosen from the group of 32. This group of 16 will battle against each other.

5. Winners join the initial top 8 freestylers from opening round.

6. The first 8 winners line up in front of the second 8 winners and from 1st to 8th they will choose their opponent for the top 16 elimination round.

7. Winners from each battle move on until final 2 for the championship!

Freestyle and Panna rule questions will be directed to our tournament officials: Louie Mata, Yassine Abderrahim, Pawel Skora, Soufiane Bencok, and Jereminho Park!

NOTE: Adjustments to the format made be made by our freestyle judges based on the number of competitors.



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