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SISM Soccer Camp – Advanced Skill Program
“Developing a life long love for the game”

Summer Camps: Registration Open

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Our advanced skill camps provide a learning environment for players with fun and challenging ball control skills. We have provided skill clinics and exhibtions for top clubs and academies throughout California including Almaden FC, Barcelona USA, Pacific Soccer Academy, West Coast Soccer Club, Briceno Soccer Club, and the San Jose Earthquakes Pre-Acadmy. Our entertaining and educational camps cover skills and challenges you won’t find at ordinary soccer camps making this a unique experience. Our camp format is as follows:

  • Complete the task: Each camp day begins with a basic soccer task that players must perform before they can enter the street soccer fields, such as a passing skill or a variation on a passing skill.
  • Open play: Open play gives the players the freedom to experiment with a new move or combination.
  • Learning to Learn: Next is time for the learning to begin with an introduction to a key learning skill for the day. We cover topics such as breaking complex skills into smaller components, how we handle mistakes in the learning process, and more. Our topics apply not only to the soccer skills but also the classroom and life in general.
  • Skill Session: Next it’s time to break down a new skill into its components and practice it. The skills cover ground moves, freestyle tricks, dribbling moves, panna techniques (moves to put the ball through your opponent’s legs) and more.
  • Focused Game Play: After practicing new skills, we switch to games where players are challenged to incorporate the new skill into the game and figure out how it applies, the timing to using certain moves, etc.
  • Video time: Multiple times throughout the day we break to watch other street soccer highlights covering a variety of skills. We also watch to see how those moves are put to use in game play so players can begin to see how our training fits on the field.

Looking to host a street soccer day at your camp to bring something special to your camp week? Contact us at [email protected]

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