2015 AP&FT Highlights

The 2015 American Panna & Freestyle Tournament

Event Video Coverage and Highlights from

San Jose, California October 17-18th, 2015

Special thanks to Grandeur Videography for the incredible coverage on the ground and in the air!

The 2015 American Panna & Freestyle Tournament action begins a week early…but first:

Here are your 2015 Highlights!


Yassine Abderrahim and Soufiane Bencok perform during the SISM Halftime Show for the San Jose Earthquakes!


Freestyle Final Battle (left)      /         1v1 Panna Final (right)

2v2 Panna Final (bottom)

More videos are in the works and will continue to be uploaded here!

Semi Finals – Freestyle Battles


#1 Marvin vs Borgetti   /   #2 Gio vs Fahad (SISM)


Your Top 8 Freestyle Battles


#1 Umar vs Fahad (SISM)   /   #2 Alex vs Borgetti   /   #3 Marvin vs Daniel A.   /   #4 Gio vs Peter A.


Your Top 16 Freestyle Battles


#1 Marvin vs Jimmy (SISM)   /   #2 Gio vs Blane   /   #3 Fahad (SISM) vs Samuel   /   #4 Borgetti vs Isaiah (SISM)


#5 Alex vs Susan  /    #6 Daniel A. vs Kerron   /   #7 Peter A. vs Caitlyn   /   #8 Umar vs Kevin

The American Panna & Freestyle Tournament is an open invitation to the world’s top street and freestyle soccer players, including amateurs looking to make a name for themselves. 2015 Tournament Officials: Yassine Abderrahim (Belgium), Paweł Skóra (Poland), Louie Mata (USA), Soufiane Bencok (Belgium), and Jereminho Park (USA), and Kristoffer Liicht (Denmark).

Special thanks to our sponsors!

San Jose Flea Market


Grandeur Videography: SISM’s official video crew for capturing the street soccer and freestyle scene.