American Panna & Freestyle Tournament History


Here’s why you don’t miss this year’s action!




If you missed last year’s event here’s a quick recap in 30 seconds: Soufiane took out a quadcopter during his freestyle routine, Skora can balance a pumpkin on his head and loves Tupac, Yassine was on the Jumbotron at Avaya Stadium, a freestyler (Alan) scored the winning panna for the 2v2 panna championship win, Susan from Panama thoroughly enjoyed the experience, Yunes from Brazil jumped off the plane and competed, and KSKRITA brought the firepower! What’s new for this year? Two days of freestyle and exhibition events on both the freestyle and ground moves! The tournament officials will be announced very soon…



The first year of the American Panna & Freestyle Tournament resulted in one of the most shocking finals. Amatuer player Michel Gomez from Chicago took a chance on coming out to compete and found himself behind in the match with just 10 seconds to go…and then it happened. Michel reached for the laces and got veteran street player Ice Cold to reach for the ball. And then it was over… Panna Panna Panna!!! Michel became the first year’s 1v1 panna champion.

We’re not done sharing the highlights yet. There’s more to add from these exciting years!