Advanced Soccer Skill Training – Small-Sided Games

2019 SISM Soccer Skill Training and Small-Sided Games

The SISM Street Soccer team is coming to San Jose 👉 1 Day Only! Limited Spots Available! Get details from our Facebook Events page and be sure to follow for notifications on upcoming events!

December 7th, 2019 : 2pm – 4pm in San Jose at the Guadalupe Park soccer court (340 W. St John Street, San Jose)

SISM provides advanced ball control and 1v1 skills in order to create the best possible player.

  • Outmanuever your opponent in 1v1 challenges
  • Open up space with groundmoves
  • Master the techniques of “panna” skills

THE RESULTS: Small-sided game play goes beyond being “just for more touches”. There is much more to be gained through technical skill training: Check out the videos below for before and after action as well as game play after training with our program. In addition to skill workshops throughout the year we also host an advanced soccer skill training program around the Bay Area.

This video was put together to share some of the work from two seasons of coaching a U10 boys team.




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